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Bunzi Mish Mash

Customized Bike

A pattern design for an Artist Limited Edition of the Bunzi Bike for kids.


1 extra small person

4 blue bunnies, a bunch of carrots, a few lightning rods, some cowboy hats, a couple of arrows, a small sniff of bunny poop, rabbit’s foot.

1.   Take a couple of bunnies — preferably blue ones — and add them to a Bunzi balance bike. If no blue bunnies are available, use white ones and tell them a sad story.

2.   Cut a bunch of carrots in half — no need to clean them — and add to the bunnies. Ask them nicely not to eat the carrots (they will anyway).

3.   Combine with arrows, cowboy hats and lightning rods for extra flavour. Add a sniff of bunny poop (optional). Stir until everything is floating.

4.   Sprinkle on a pinch of dopiness and top with rabbit’s foot for good luck.

Your fresh and yummy Bunny Mish Mash is ready for a ride. Enjoy!